Frequently Asked Questions About Be Waxed Services

Be Waxed

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How long does my hair have to be?

We recommend 2 weeks for best results

Will I be red and or irritated after?

Depending on the individual and area being waxed you will be red for 2 hours or up to a day.

How long before hair reappears after waxing?

3-6 weeks each person has different results.

How soon can I cancel/confirm my appointment? I ask kindly give us 24 hour notice. A notice less than impacts our opportunity to serve other clients. In the event we do not receive the required notice for adjustments and cancellations the following fees will be applied.   Will charge 1/2 of missed appointments less than 24 hours and also will charge NO-SHOWS 1/2 of missed appointment.  

Please CONFIRM your appointment (48hrs) before your treatment to reserve your schedule time.  Failure to do so I will cancel so I can serve others on my waitlist.  Thanks for respecting the studio's policies 


Are gratuities included in the prices?

No, they're greatly appreciated

We also recommend  avoiding any use of AHA's, Glycolic, Retin-A, and tanning 48 hours before/after treatments.